Install Awnings | Brackets
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The Spreader Brackets are used for single storey extension. Designed to spread the load down from the top of the wall and is ideal for end fix awnings.


This style of bracket is perfect if you are not being able to get near the fixing position? The Offset Spreader bracket allows a fixing position away from your wall it allows the flexibility of installation in reveals and over patio windows.


The Gutter Bracket is designed to create a solution where extra height is needed when fitting awnings to bungalows with low roof lines or outward opening doors where additional height is required.


This style of bracket is perfect for creating a solution where you require extra height but you don’t have a fixing position near where the bracket needs to be. It allows the awning to be installed in line with the gutter and fixed lower down the wall.



These are compact brackets for installations around waste water pipes. The most common obstruction encountered when installing awnings, the Pipe Bracket was designed and tested to overcome the installation of awnings in front of down pipes. The standard back plate size is 250mm x 250mm which has 4 fixing points. There are critical dimensions so always check from the back of the wall to the front of the obstruction. We recommend that the projection doesn’t exceed 300mm.


Goalpost frames are for the more adventurous installations where no central fixing is available or if the location has large expanses of glass. They can be used for installations where there is no structure to mount the awning to so a free standing frame is the only solution. All frames are manufactured to suit your individual requirements for each of your projects and provide the necessary structural strength for the awning installation.

All of our brackets/frames are manufactured using mild steel and comes with the correct mounting plate suitable for your awning. The brackets are powered coated in white or any RAL colour of your choice.